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Applied Polymer Systems works with companies across the United States to maintain harmonious ecological systems.  These case studies show how diversified our products can be and how they can work for you.



Floc Log Placement
Polymer Stormwater Pipe Mixing for Water Quality Enhancement
Croft Pond at Nashville Zoo (Tennessee) or (Spanish Version)
Outstanding Florida Waterbody (Leitner Creek, Florida) or (Spanish Version)
Stormwater Pond Clean-out (Orlando, Florida) or (Spanish Version)
Bonnie Mine Road Case Study (Florida) or (Spanish Version)
Greenbush (Massachusetts)
Medical Facility: Dewatering and Storm Water Clarification (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
Chicago O'Hare Airport (Chicago, IL)
Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)
Wal-Mart (Antioch, Illinois)
Geothermal Well Drilling
Pennsylvania Groundwater Association (State College, PA)
Avalon Pointe (Dutton, MI)
Kent Career Tech Center (Grand Rapids, MI)
PAM Use in Hydraulic Spray Equipment
Hydroseeding at Land Fills
Metal Reduction
Clover Bar Ravine (Edmonton, AB)
Mining Operations
Mole Constructors (Snellville, GA)
Removal Efficiencies of Polymer Enhanced Dewatering Systems (Alberta, Canada)

Pond & Lake Managment

Hilaman Golf Park: SolarBee and PAM test (Florida)

Jim Berry Pond (Florida)

Lakeshore Park Place Condominiums (Marquette, Michigan)
Rolling M Ranch Pond (Georgia)
Soft Armoring
City of Bartlett Slope Repair (Bartlett, TN)
Soil Stabilization
Fox Saab (Belmont, MI)
Highway 98 Case Study (Florida) or (Spanish Version)
I-22 (Corridor X) Birmingham to Memphis (Alabama) or (Spanish Version)
Jackson Creek (Sanilac County, MI)
Lake Independence Shoreline Restoration (Big Bay, MI)
Poe Springs Park Stream Restoration (Alachua County, FL)
Shadowbrook (South Hadley, MA)
Temporary Soil Stabilization
Soil Stabilization & Dewatering
Holly Commons Subdivision (Georgia) or (Spanish Version)
Soil Stabilization & Water Clarification
Anna River Culvert Replacement Project (Anna River, Alger County, Michigan)
Florida Urban Stream Restorations (Sweetwater Stream, Gainesville, Florida) or (Spanish Version)
Living Proof - Frogs (Georgia)
Water Clarification
Active Water Clarification Systems (Michigan)
Big Rock Point Restoration (Charlevoix, Michigan)
Fast times at Daytona (Daytona, Florida) or (Spanish Version)
Eastwood Towne Center (Lansing, MI)
Florida Project (Southeast Florida)
Kalamazoo River Tributary Streambed Restoration
Kentucky Lake
Menards Case Study (Illinois) or (Spanish Version)
Morse Lake (Caledonia, MI)

Oak Park Washtenaw Heights (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Residential Dredging Operation (Georgia) or (Spanish Version)
Shadow Hill Subdivision (Illinois) or (Spanish Version)
Storm Drain System Clarification

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