APS Silt Stop® anionic polymers are used to prevent erosion on slopes and control sediment runoff. Soil specific polymer additions (in granular or liquid form) can assist temporary or permanent grassing by binding the seed, fertilizer, mulch, and soil together until the grass germinates.

Flyer on Soil Stabilization for Hurricane Season

These photos show the application of the site-specific polymer using hydroseeding equipment.  The polyacrylamide was used on these sites to control sediment runoff and prevent erosion on the slopes:


Application of polyacrylamide to a slope covered with organic matting.  The PAM is the final additive in the hydroseed/mulch mixture that is sprayed onto the slope.The second photo show the vegetation establishment 4 weeks later:


These photos are from a site where there was poor vegetation establishment with the normal hydroseeding application.  It was decided to re-hydroseed the slopes using the soil-specific polymer to aid the establishment of the vegetation.


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