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Applied Polymer Systems, Inc. only uses anionic polyacrylamide that is safe for fish and aquatic organisms

Protect the Environment and Avoid Government-imposed Fines With Erosion Control & Water Treatment Products Proven To Work

Erosion contamination that works its way back into streams, rivers, waterways and water supplies is not only dangerous to the environment, it can be the source of hefty government-imposed fines. Whether the source is due to land disturbing activities, inadequate water treatment or a lack of erosion control, it must be dealt with immediately.

Removing total suspended solids (TSS) and reducing NTU values can save you from paying the substantial fines offenders are charged.

Construction contractors must face problems with stormwater treatment systems and other runoff issues. Contractors face concerns with contaminating natural waterways or polluting fish spawning beds. Hydroseeding companies must combat the effects of erosion prior to grass and other vegetation establishing roots. Other organizations may also struggle with controlling erosion and clarifying storm water discharge.

Optimized for:

  • Flocculants
  • Erosion Control
  • Thickeners
  • Water Treatment
  • Drilling Fluids
  • ARD Applications
  • Dissolved Metal Control

Applied Polymer Systems received the Product Innovation and Excellence Award by the Stormwater Management Academy and the University of Central Florida for Floc Logs at the recent 2nd Annual Stormwater Management Research Symposium.

Dealing with these environmental issues used to be costly and time-consuming for businesses. However, Applied Polymer Systems offers several products that can eliminate your fear of endangering the environment and being fined exorbitant amounts.

In fact, Applied Polymer Systems is the only company in the world that manufactures these specific types of erosion control and water clarification products. Also, we’ve had our products tested by universities, water management districts and Department of Transportation groups who have proven them to work and proven them safe to the environment.

Silt Stop® emulsion or powder products and Floc Log® gel blocks are specifically tailored for each soil type and water chemistry. These products help to alleviate erosion while encouraging the growth of vegetation. You simply send a water or soil sample to our facility for a no-cost analysis and we can develop these and other solutions based on your specific soil type.

Before you face devastating government fines, view our entire line of products or contact us to determine the best solution to your runoff waste and erosion issues.

Permit # P526P-09-02872


Applied Polymer Systems is now permitted by the USDA to import soil samples for laboratory analysis.


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