APS 600 Series Silt Stop

Polyacrylamide Erosion Control Emulsion

APS 600 Series Silt Stop is a group of soil specific anionic polyacrylamide co-polymer emulsions used for erosion control. They reduce and prevent erosion of fine particles and prevent colloidal clays from entering water bodies. 

Primary Applications:


Features and Benefits:


Specifications / Compliances:

ANSI/NSF Standard 60 Drinking water treatment chemicals


APS 600 Series Silt Stop is packaged in 5 gallon pails

Technical Information:

Appearance / Milky white liquid 

Bulk Density / 8.4 Ibs / gallon 

pH 0.5% solution / 6-8 

Shelf Life / up to 5 years 


Hydroseeding application rate (per acre coverage): varies by soil content and grade of slope.

Gentle to Moderate slopes (0 to 4H:1V) 

    High Clay Content:

        1.0-2.0 gallons emulsion/ 3000 gallons/ acre

    High Sand Content:

        2.0-3.0 gallons emulsion/ 3000 gallons/ acre

Steep slopes (3H:1V to 1H:1V)

    High Clay Content:

        1.0-2.5 gallons emulsion/ 3000 gallons/ acre

    High Sand Content:

        2.5-3.0 gallons emulsion/ 3000 gallons/ acre


Note: Dosage-application rates are determined on soil specific testing.  Soil polymers and blends should never be used without testing the soil first.  Consult your local distributor or send your samples to Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.

Directions for Use

Shake well before opening as separation may have occurred.

APS 600 Series Silt Stop Emulsions may be applied with hydroseeders, water trucks or other spraying devices. Spraying devices having a mechanical agitator or mixing apparatus or hydraulic recirculation will work best.


Pour emulsion into the water tank or hydroseeder filling water stream or with a mixing apparatus operating, and pour emulsion into the filled tank. Allow emulsion to mix for one - two minutes before application. Seed, fertilizer, and mulch should be added into hydroseeders before the emulsion has been added.


APS Silt Stop Emulsion must be added at the end of the final mix and sprayed immediately. WIth the emulsion you must have 100% coverage.

Caution - Do not exceed 1.5 gallons of emulsion / 1500 gallons as viscosity of the water may reduce spraying efficiency or damage spraying equipment.


Spilled emulsion should be cleaned up as soon as possible using absorbent material. Sand, wood fiber or straw may be applied to a spilled area as a temporary measure. 

Do Not try to hose away a large amount of spilled emulsion without first removing the majority of the spill. Extreme slippery conditions will result. In event of skin contact, wash emulsion from skin as soon as possible using soap and water.

Precautions / Limitations:

Clean up spills quickly.  DO NOT use water unless necessary, extremely slippery conditions will result.

DO NOT add water to the APS 600 Series Silt Stop emulsion, add the emulsion to the water slowly, while mixing, or into the tank-filling water stream.

APS Silt Stop emulsion will remain viable on the soil surface for 60-90 days.  Longer viability will occur when applied emulsion is covered with straw or wood fiber mulch.

APS 600 Series Silt Stop has been specifically tailored to specific soil types.  Soil types in varying geographical areas may require testing.  If proper performance of this product is not satisfactory, contact Applied Polymer Systems, Inc.

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APS 600 Series Silt Stop

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